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2011-05-27 15:47:42 by Catmaniac8x

Well I got a voice actor for both Arsenius and Sequester (thanks Jon-El! ) and the animations are some point. At the moment my urge to animate something is a bit low, at the most animated loops of shaky line-art.

I blame my tendency to procrastinate...for practically everything.

IT WILL BE ANIMATED THOUGH. Sometime before summer ends, seeing that I have one or two weeks where I'll be without my computer or internet, but perhaps those will be good breaks to get my mojo back ^^

Animations coming soon!

2011-05-10 21:37:24 by Catmaniac8x

Well I'm not doing TOFA (perhaps next year) but I WILL be doing some legit animations sometime after finals are over (after the 16...heck..even after tomorrow since I have no "Real" finals for the 2 remaining classes) and it'll essentially be of a little fun series to practice the personalities of some of my OCs, and animation itself.

I can't exactly do anything until I get male voice actors though....this is more info on what I need...while I attempt to delete the original post so I can put it in the right spot. This is the more informative version of what I need, I'll post a shorter version on the forum it's meant for ^^;


Right now I'm only looking for 2 guys (or one guy) to do the voices of two of my guy characters, Arsenius and Sequester. They're involved in 2 different series, one where they're cats (a just for fun series) and one where they're involved in experiments (A more serious series) Most likely the more fun series will be animated first. But regardless they have the same personality and voice type in both.

Here's a picture of the main trio in the "just for fun" cat series (I'm voicing the middle girl character)
I'll probably start some animations on this once finals are over...or until I get inspiration, whatever comes first.

Pardon me if the descriptions are a bit long, I am VERY particular with the way I want their voices portrayed. And I tend to get REALLY into something for a week, but if I don't make that much progress, chances are it'll get scrapped or delayed, so don't be surprised if your voice acting isn't present right off. I plan to get these done though, right now they'll just be like a "Meet ___ " type thing.

I WILL ONLY ACCEPT EMAILS OR FILES OF YOUR VOICE ACTING auditions or auditions via a live skype chat kinda weird me out...not preferred. Hell even a youtube audition can work. As long as I can get the file and put it in flash.

ALRIGHT ON WITH THE DESCRIPTIONS. Sorry if they're a bit jumbled, some of the voices are a bit hard to describe, if you're considering voicing for one (or both) though I prefer if you read these thoroughly, you can ask me questions for any extra info. Just an FYI, both are English males with no accents..well maybe a very slight New England accent.

We're gonna start with Arsenius (the blue cat, pronounced "aR-sin-e-yus") his voice is in the 17-18 age range, and has a bit of a rasp to it. He's usually quite calm, but a bit of a hard ass (meaning he'll respond to many things in a curt manner, or snapping at people, he also cuts people off quite often) and if things don't go his way, he's not too happy with it, but he'll begrudgingly go with it anyhow, muttering curses. He has quite a colorful vocab. When he does get his way however, he'll start giggling in an insane matter (he has psychotic breaks when he gets excited. During said psychotic breaks he's a sadistic little fucker) He also has super-strength, but doesn't really know his own strength half the time, usually responding in a bored manner when he flings something (or someone) half a mile away. He tends to berate his brother (Sequester) quite a bit for being a wimp, but he actually does care about him. But he will punch his brother if he starts freaking out too much

Here's the lines I'd like to hear you say in his voice. Feel free to ad-lib, I can animate around it:
-*deadpan expression*"....well damn...well she's definitely dead.."
-"Oh come on! Can we at least kill something?!..." *someone answers with "no"* "..*groaning with teeth clenched, before calming down a bit, muttering something along the lines of "god dammed pansies"*
-*he's bat-shit insane here, giggling and grinning madly, have fun with this :3* "Heh..I'm gonna rip their arms and legs off and beat them to death with-"*someone here tells him that doing that isn't NOT a good idea, he calms down to his normal attitude*"..god dammit you guys are kill-joys"

Right then now to talk about Sequester (the green cat, pronounced "Seh-Quest-ter"). He can be voiced by the same guy (since he and Arsenius are twins) but his voice is a bit different. His voice is in the 17-18 age range, just a bit higher pitched (probably still cracking) but still sounds like a guy. As you can tell by the picture..he is anxious and paranoid as all fuck, and as expected he is prone to anxiety attacks. He is quite soft spoken most of the time, unless something startles him (he usually screams) or if he starts freaking out (his voice will get progressively louder and faster as he begins to imagine all the possibilities to a situation, the horrible possibilities. ) He's pretty darn smart though, it adds to his anxiety. He doesn't exactly notice people emotional cues, and can be easily confused to believe that something is a good idea despise his genius. His voice pitch shifts higher based on his level of freakout.

Just like before, here's the lines I'd like you to say, ad-lib if you want :3 :
- "Y-you know this a really bad idea..I really don't think we should EEEEAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" *shoved down a hill*
- *Think up a long stretch of problems for a random situation, climbing a tree probably, speaking of how badly it could end up and all the horrible scenarios that could happen, make sure to have the voice get drastically faster and higher pitched after the first few words, until by the end of it you have no clue what the heck he's saying and he's curling up in a fetal position by the end of it, just whimpering*
- *reacting to something Arsenius did/said, dumbfounded*"..oh god....we're gonna be in so much trouble...oh god... O_O"

Message me for any questions about the characters! :D


Oh good lord that turned out wordy....sorry about that O_O;

Well I've decided to join!

2011-04-14 19:37:19 by Catmaniac8x

Yep! it's me, Catmaniac8x 8x from Deviantart and youtube!(My DA) My YT

I'm actually..kinda excited to be on here :D I can't wait until TOFA starts up..part of the reason I'm on here in the first place XD